• Asian Americans are experiencing increased anti-Asian violence and racial prejudice during the Coronavirus epidemic. Many feel invisibilized. Residents and businesses in Chinatown have especially suffered from racial discrimination. We want to support elders in our communities!

  • Simultaneously, Black Americans are suffering from police violence, and disproportionate health and economic impact due to COVID-19. People are rising up all over the country to demand justice for victims of racist police violence, like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Jacob Blake. We also want justice for Yang Song and Akai Gurley.

  • Due to fear of rising hate crimes, many Asian Americans are calling for more police protection, during a time of nation-wide Black Lives Matter protests that support defunding the police. Some of the language in our communities are very anti-Black. Many support the creation of a Hate Crimes Task Force in the NYPD.

A Celebration of Solidarity, Past and Present

Why we are coming together.

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Teach-In:  #NotInOurNames

Asian Americans supporting Black Lives Matter do not want increased funding or support for policing or the prison system in the name of protecting Asian Americans. 


We recognize the long history of shared struggle between Black and Asian communities, and we want to come together, to talk about ways of building safety, economic security, and mutual trust between communities without resorting to more policing.

Send Chinatown Love: Food Tour

We want to support local residents and businesses in Chinatown, while also supporting the following organizations that have been providing for the community during the pandemic:

Labor Day in Chinatown

Welcome to Chinatown

Teach-In Speakers Lineup:


  • EMCEE: Meril Mousoom (PoliFem, Fight for Our Lives Coalition)
  • Jess (Youth organizer affiliated with Chinatown Tenant Union and Black Lives Matter organizing)
  • Tiffany Tso (Asian American Feminist Collective): NYPD Asian Hate Crimes Task Force is not our solution for anti-Asian violence
  • Robert Cuffy (DSA Afro-Socialist & Socialists of Color Caucus, Fight for Our Lives Coalition): Experiencing violence at a pro-NYPD protest, and fighting in solidarity with Lausan Collective
  • Jason Wu (GAPIMNY): Queer and Trans community & impact by hate crimes legislation
  • Annie Tan (Teacher, activist, writer, relative of Vincent Chin): on history of organizing against anti-Asian violence & for labor rights in Chinatown


  • Tanesha Grant (Moms United for Black Lives Matter) Portland, DC, NYC solidarity protesting for education
  • Roxy Chang, (Lausan Collective, formerly CAAAV Asian Tenant Union organizer): Chinatown jails, the shooting of Akai Gurley & Officer Peter Liang, HK democracy protests in solidarity with BLM
  • Allen Chen (China Democracy Party): Against political prisoners in China and oppression of Uighurs in Xinjiang
  • Aaron Narraph Organizing to hold political candidates accountable for taking PBA police union money; South Asian organizing in solidarity with BLM
  • Tyrone Norris, A.K.A. Mental Stamina: Closing musical performance, and speaking on how #AsiansLivesMatter, like #AllLivesMatter, detracts from the dire messaging of #BlackLivesMatter

Introduction by Jess, Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou & Assemblymember Ron Kim,
and Grace from Send Chinatown Love